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Use of Iran stone in Decoration

Stone in the bathroom and water closet

Since the moisture content in the bathroom and water closet is high, the Iran stone used for these parts should have low water absorption.


Stone Building Decor

Marble (Marmarit) has been one of the most widely used building stones for use in salons.The most common use of marble stones is their use in residential and commercial buildings.

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Stone in the kitchen decor

The kitchen is another building where stone is used. The stone on the cabinets and kitchen should be resistant to impact, abrasion, and moisture, and also weight-bearing, and it should also have aesthetics and simplicity.

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Iran Stone Ordering Process

  • Register customer request
  • select stone
  • payment and transfer
  • clearance of stones

The buyer will contact the company for a photo of the stone and the name of the stone to identify and determine the price. After checking the inventory and checking the price of the desired stone, the company will announce the price to the customer.

At this stage, the buyer can choose either through stone photos that the company sends out to the customer or in person at the mine or stone warehouse.

(Note: Iran Stone Trade has provided the necessary amenities at the time of purchase to accommodate its esteemed customers).

After selecting the stone 40% of the total transaction amount is received from the buyer then the stone is loaded from the stone warehouse or the stone mine and transferred to the border (marine, earth, rail).

The company then places the traded stone in the container and loads it for shipment to the destination.

The customer has to deposit 60% of the total amount of stones before reaching the destination.

The company sends the clearance or payment clearance of the stones to the customer after deposit.

And the customer makes clearance the stones by submitting the bill of lading to the shipping company.

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