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Iran Stone Trade (A&A Group) was established in 2015 and its goal is to export blocks of various stones, including Marble, Travertine, Onyx, etc. This group has trade relations with China, India and Turkey and has sent a large share of its exports to these 3 countries, and is also an exporter of calcium carbonate rock to Azerbaijan. Iran Stone Group, putting the export of cut stone on its agenda, has built its own factory for slab and tile stones as well as decorative stones and is currently selling its products in the country and the Gulf basin.

Iran Stone Trade (A&A Group) is an exporter of block stone products from its mines, which includes 2 mines that are currently being mined, one is limestone and the other is black marble, and it also participates in the extraction and export of Tusi marble mine named Super Petra Gray in Isfahan province.

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Our Mission

This collection has been created and built with the management and efforts of Mr. Ali Ahmed Pour due to his great interest in petrology since childhood and with his dream.

One of the goals of this company is to pay special attention to the extraction and production of various decorative and construction stones, with the newest, most up-to-date and also with the best quality in cutting and design, etc.

Therefore, this group intends to launch A&A Holding with regard to the stones that nature has gifted to man. Also, by combining stone with art and architecture, it aims to reconcile humans with nature, which has been treated unkindly by mankind, and show off the power of nature.


Why Choose Us

This group has always wanted to progress and move forward and has always put customer satisfaction and customer orientation at the top of its goals and hopes to provide the best services to its colleagues and regular customers.

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