Parking Floor Stone

Parking floor stone: There are different types of building stones, and they are divided based on their external and internal characteristics. Based on these external and internal characteristics, the use of each specific stone and appropriate to it should be used in different parts. For example, a stone is suitable for the reception floor of the building, It is not necessarily suitable for the parking floor stone or the floor of the yard. Important features of suitable floor stone of the parking lot can be resistance to washing powder and acids, abrasion resistance, resistance to a cold and frost, impact resistance, etc., which we will explain in the following about the mentioned features. For the parking of the building, according to the type of parking, the appropriate stone must be selected so that in addition to permanent beauty, it is also safe from damage and breakage.

There are usually two types of parking lots. Some entrance parking lots are buildings that have a lot of traffic and are visible, and some parking stone lots are not the entrance of the building and are not visible. If Your parking is at the entrance of the building, and it is visible. It is better to use beautiful stones for the floor and body of the parking lot that has a special beauty. Because after the facade of the building, the second thing that is visible to people is the parking lot of the building. Consider the resistance and abrasion properties that we will talk about in the following, as well as the beauty and eye-catching properties of the stone.


The features of the parking floor stone paving can be mentioned as follows

  • High strength in the same range and wear
  • High strength against a cold and frost
  • Low water level
  • The thickness of the parking floor stone
  • No notice of dirt or spilled oil from the car
  • Type of rock surface samples
  • Dimensions of the parking floor stone
  • The color of the parking lot floor stone

High abrasion resistance

In places with high traffic, the use of stone with low abrasion resistance is not recommended because with the movement, the surface of the stone will corrode and the beauty of the stone will be lost over time and the thickness of the stone will decrease over time. And again, you have to replace the floor stone. The use of limestone and travertine stones is not recommended due to low abrasion resistance. The amount of traffic in your building, the case which you should pay attention to when buying which kind is the best.


Type of stone surface processing

Since the parking lot floor can be washed regularly and the possibility of spilling water is high, it is better to use stones that the surface is not polished to reduce the possibility of slipping and damage. It is better than an ax or semi-polished stones, use that the surface of the stone is rough and create proper friction between the sole and the stone.

Dimensions of parking floor stone

In terms of stone dimensions, we can say that the larger the stone dimensions, the more beautiful it is, and also the higher the price. If your parking lot is at the entrance of the building and it is in front of the view, it is better to use larger stones. You cannot use any dimensions, it is better to use dimensions that are more reasonably priced. The most commonly used dimensions of the parking floor stone are 40×40, 50×50, and 60×60.


Parking stone floor color

The color of the stone is one of the most important parameters of the beauty of the building stone. Usually white and light stones are considered more and usually have a higher price than cream stones. But the point that should be in choosing the right color for the parking floor Note that to use colors that show less dirt. Of course, this also depends on the amount of washing. But using dark stones such as black marble can be an ideal option for parking floor stones.


Impact resistance

Impact resistance means that when a heavy object hits a rock or a car enters a parking lot, the rock has high resistance so that the rock does not break or shatter. Parking as well as careful filling under the stone with cement. In such places, depending on the weight of the car, you can use granite, marble, porcelain, and even travertine. Granite, porcelain, and marble have more impact resistance, and travertine has less resistance.


The thickness of the parking floor stone

On the parking floor, due to the weight of the car, it is better to use thicker stones that are better compressive and impact resistance. This can vary depending on the weight of the car, which must be carefully considered when buying a suitable parking floor stone. You can use stones with a thickness of more than 1.7 or 2 cm.


Resistance to a cold and frost

In places where it is possible to rain or wash the stone and also the possibility of freezing, a stone should be used that has a high resistance to freezing. For example, marble has little resistance to freezing and if used, cracks will be in the depth and surface of the stone. But other stones have good resistance to a cold and frost. Of course, this also depends on the type of parking and the use of marble in open parking is not recommended, otherwise Marble is one of the most suitable stones for use on the floor of the building. Of course, it is better to use marbles that have fewer veins.


Lack of dirty absorption

The last thing we will talk about is not absorbing dirty or oil. This is one of the most important features that you should consider when buying a suitable stone for the parking lot floor; because with the absorption and dirty penetration in the stone; the beauty of the stone will be destroyed from It is not possible to wash the stone. The use of limestone and some travertines is not recommended due to the absorption of dirty. also, high water absorption in the parking lot floor and you can use granite, marble, and porcelain stones.


Parking floor stone price

The price of parking floor stone depends on various parameters. The type of stone selected, the thickness of the stone, as well as the quality of the sub and processing; are among the effective parameters in the price of parking floor stone. Have because of the price, and you can choose a stone that is not suitable for your parking floor. Some models of granite, porcelain, and marble can be called cheap stones and suitable for the parking floor. You can name the suitable stones for the parking floor in general, granite, porcelain, and marble stones, and choose the most suitable stone for the parking floor stone from among these three types of stones; by the parking place and the features mentioned above. You can contact us for advice on buying the right types of parking floor stones and receiving the daily price of parking floor stones.


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