Iran stone Exhibition 2020

The well-known position of the Iran stone industry in the world stone exhibition and industry. Seeing the main trend of world architecture in relation to sustainable architecture, the stone industry is one of the safe industries for the environment and suitable for the Iranian climate. The stone industry can play an important role in improving the country’s economy. We hope to see the creation of magnificent and lasting works with a better understanding and a different look at the huge capacities of the Iranian stone industry by consumers and designers. The use of local and environmentally friendly materials with a long and beautiful life is one of the goals of all those involved in the construction industry. Now, Tehran Iran Stone Exhibition can play its role in better introducing the Iranian stone industry with more than 6000 factories and 1200 mines with unparalleled variety in line with these goals. more information about Iran stone Goals of holding the International Iran Stone Exhibition
  • Increasing the volume of foreign trade.
  • Developing of internal and external economic cooperation of those involved in the Iran stone industry.
  • Creating healthy domestic and international competition.
  • Exchanging of information and technical knowledge in all fields of stone industry.
  • Technology transfer.
  • Developing and expanding of international communications.
  • Developing and expanding of software, technical and engineering services in Iran stone industry and efforts to export its products.
  • Developing of information and general education of visitors about Iran stone industry.
Iran International Stone Exhibition (Tehran) The International Iran Stone Exhibition (Tehran) will be held at the Tehran International Exhibition Center. The total area of ​​the exhibition is about 85,000,000 square meters, of which 12 0,000 square meters is covered space and 350,000 square meters is open exhibition space. It is about 22 hectares of green space and 21 hectares of access roads to the exhibition halls and grounds. In the Tehran International Exhibition, The prophet Ibrahim Mosque with an area of ​​1,200 square meters and a minaret with a height of 70 meters has been built, which is one of the most beautiful mosques in the capital of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The existence of large 5-star hotels around the exhibition, as well as easy access through the capital’s highways, has made this exhibition the most important place for holding Iran exhibitions. Since 1993, the international and specialized exhibitions of decorative stones have been started in Tehran in order to develop Iran’s industry, trade and stone sales. In order to develop the Iran stone industry, during these years, this exhibition has been held under various titles and with different officials. The International Exhibition of Decorative Traditions, Mines, Machinery and Related Equipment has been formed since 2007 with a new look at the International Iran Stone Exhibitions, and over the years has reached new and innovative ideas in its eighth period ( 2016) was shown in the best way. A 300 percent increase in the size of the outdoor booth and its conversion from 300 square meters to 979 square meters and a 60 percent increase in its useful space and its conversion from 6,000 square meters to 10,200 square meters, shows the success of the planners of Iran stone exhibition. The statistics of more than 12,000 domestic visitors, as well as the presence of experts from 36 foreign countries at the Iran stone exhibition, indicate the correct work of informing and advertising and global marketing for Iran stone industry by using the Iran stone exhibition. This progress has been increasing in the exhibitions of the following years as well. The 10th International Exhibition of Decorative Stones, Mining, Machinery and Equipment with the participation of 170 domestic companies and 70 foreign companies including Italy, China, Turkey, Portugal, Germany, South Korea, Spain, Russia and India in July 2016 at the permanent exhibition place  of  Tehran Iran International Exhibition. During visiting the exhibition, seven trade delegations from Poland, Iraq, Pakistan, India, Kazakhstan and China held talks with Iranian businessmen working in stone industry. Exhibition of Decorative Stones   was interesting for Experts from 36 countries.  These experts from  countries ,including Poland, Austria, Turkmenistan, Italy, Russia, Iraq, India, the United States, Turkey, Oman, Kazakhstan, Syria, Afghanistan, Spain, Sri Lanka, the United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, South Korea, Germany, Bangladesh, Greece, Qatar and Tajikistan. Hungary, Pakistan, Australia, Belgium, Bahrain, Canada, Sweden, Lebanon, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia and Ukraine have visited the exhibition.

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