Silver Travertine Stone

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Silver travertine stone has high resistance in terms of material and color. Also, the color variety of Silver travertine varies from white to silver, so it has a special harmony with natural environments, and this variety of colors makes it unclear whether the surface is dirty.

These days, architects and building designers have become very interested in using colored stones. This interest is due to the special effect that Travertine Silver gives to the facade of the building.


New building codes for building materials have banned the use of marble and granite stones due to low porosity in the facade of the building, unless these stones are executed under special conditions and with new architectural measures. These rules do not only apply to travertine stones, because travertine stones, due to their high porosity, cause cement or glue to penetrate it and stick the stone to the structure very well. This product has many advantages that all people who want to beautify the facade of their building with stone, it is better to take a look at this product. Silver travertine stone is one of the travertine stones and has a very special and stylish color. White in it adds to its beauty and its dark background makes the environment dirty and has no negative effects on it. Silver travertine is a natural stone and is a pure art of God. Silver travertine is extracted from Takab stone mines in west Azerbaijan, which is one of the best smoky stone mines in the country.

Silver travertine stone has porosity (4% molecular distance, which is a relatively high porosity, which is very suitable for working on the facade of a building). Travertine stones have low abrasion resistance and compressive strength compared to other types of products, which is not important at all in the construction of this stone in the facade of the building, but if you want to use the stone to run on the carpet or stairs, the abrasion resistance of Travertine Silver is 3%. It can be said that in travertines there is good resistance (abrasion resistance is the amount of resistance of stone against friction created with the sole of human foot or car tire).


Silver travertine Processing Types:


Cut it



Bush Hammer


Silver travertine feature:

  • The travertine material is very suitable for the exterior of the building.
  • Special color scheme
  • Wavy design
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