Marble stone, the scientific name for alabaster
marble stone

Marble is a type of metamorphic rock formed by regional metamorphism associated with the recrystallization of primary rock minerals. These minerals are usually carbonate minerals such as calcium and magnesium carbonates.

Marble can consist of calcite, dolomite, magnesium and aragonite. So marble is not necessarily Aragonite.

Marble is a relatively dense limestone of a particular beauty whose beauty is not only related to its color and design but also to its degree of transparency, and its light arched display mode adds to its beauty.

Marble such as travertine is a product of the function of old spa springs and layers are usually found in the travertine layer. In the process of heating hot springs, aragonite is formed if the water temperature drops slowly. If the temperature drops rapidly, travertine will form.

The stone that comes from Aragonite is called marble. The marble brand is Onyx and it is available in green, lemon, amber yellow, milky white, dark honey and brown.