Granite Stone

Granit stone

A type of inner igneous rock is called Marble, or Granite, with medium to coarse grains. Granite stone is composed of quartz and feldspar, mica and other minerals.

The color of the Granite depends on the minerals and chemistry of the rock, and it is found in a variety of colors such as pink, gray, alder, black and so on.

Granite stone is formed by the cooling of molten masses called magmas. Granite with a specific weight of 2756 kg / m 3 is one of the toughest and most resistant rocks.

Granite Mine

Granite stone is more resistant than Marmarit and Travertine and its shining and shining surface is preserved. Granite is the most commonly known stone that is widely used in the construction industry.

Application of Granite stone

Granites are more durable and more higher strength than Limestone, which is why they are more commonly used in high-traffic locations, such as paving streets, office buildings, commercial buildings, and subway stations.

We should know that using Granite for interiors such as kitchen countertops, stairs, and even paving units is also permissible. Granite can also be a good choice for our siding, but keep in mind that scooping out the stone is necessary.


Granite stone

Granite stones are used for building facade, paving, on cabinets, stairs and… . Granite is the best option for building stairs.

The stairs of the building are eroded due to the high traffic and pollution, so a stone like Granite should be used for their durability and strength.

The best place to use Granite, parking space, yard floor, open plan kitchen and staircase and generally busy floors.

Advantages of Granite Stone

The best look of Granite is its polished state, which shows the beauty of color and the reflection of its crystals. Granite is often used for flooring and wall frames because of the special luster it creates.

There are many mines in Iran where Granite of different colors are extracted.

Granite is one of the most popular and popular building materials and has been used for thousands of years in the interior and exterior of buildings.


Most Granites are hard, so they are durable building materials. They are waterproof and impact resistant and can withstand industrial environments.


Iran Granite Mines

Iran also has various Granite mines, the most popular of which are pearl granite of Mashhad, Nehbandan granite, Birjand lettuce green granite, Birjand forest green granite, Khorram Darreh granite, Turquoise granite, Hamadan Cotton flower Granite. .

Granites are mostly mined and purchased in Central Asian countries such as India, China and Vietnam.

It should be noted, however, that Brazil is also a strong player in the market for beautiful and special granite stone, with almost the most beautiful granite.

The price of Iranian Granite and foreign Granite depends on several cases and its most important parameters are thickness, size, and type of processing.

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